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Batman: The Telltale Game Series – Guide Index

Batman: The Telltale Game Series - Guide Index

There’s a new Telltale game out, and, with it, a new raft of confusing and potentially ‘wrong’ choices to make. This time you’re cast in the role of Batman – and his charming playboy alter ego Bruce Wayne – in the early days of his crime fighting career. Throughout the game you’ll have to navigate difficult political choices, deal with difficult questions from the press (and your butler) as well as beat up criminals to a point decided by your good self. Over the course of five episodes of Batman: The Telltale Series you’ll shape the future career of Gotham’s most famous son, and the relationships he has with villains and allies both in and out of his famous costume.

This is a tough road to navigate, but we’re on hand with guides to help you! We’ll document the different choices that you need to worry about for every episode, and keep updating as future episodes come out, so you know how far reaching those consequences will be. Keep checking back to make sure you get the Gotham you always wanted.


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