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Carbonite Brick Locations in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens PS4 Xbox One

Carbonite Brick Locations in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens PS4 Xbox One

In Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens you can collect special carbonite bricks – they kind of look like Han Solo frozen in carbonite, d’you see what they did there? You can unfreeze the bricks back at the Resistance base on D’Qar, by putting them in a fancy microwave machine in the medical hangar, and get access to special and classic characters to play as. There are 35 in total, all hidden in the open areas of planets, and each one you collect also gives you a golden brick. The carbonite brick locations are marked on the map, but sometimes how you actually get them is pretty obscure, so we’ve figured it all out for you and put it in this handy guide. No need to thank us.

Every carbonite brick on Jakku in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Carbonite brick 1. To the left of the Millennium Falcon, near where you spawn into the area, is a happabore sleeping by an empty water trough (a happabore is one of those giant pig monsters). Smash all the packing crates you can see in that area (there should be some between the happabore and the Falcon) and you’ll have enough bricks for an optional gold build. First of all build them to the right to fill up the water trough, then smash them and rebuild them to the left to put a power conduit on the speakers there. Use BB-8 to power it up and the happabore will wake up, drink the water, and reward you with the carbonite brick that it had apparently secreted somewhere about its person.

Carbonite brick 2. In the Niima Outpost, which is the main group of buildings on Jakku, there’s a central awning where Unkar Plutt (the Simon Pegg monster Rey works for in the film) has his setup. Behind his stand is an arched doorway and on the left of it is a stick which kind of looks a bit like a lamppost. It’s notable because it twinkles in the way that indicates a force user can interact with it. Do this three times to shake all the mud and dirt from it, and it turns out it was a carbonite block on a stick all along!

Carbonite brick 3. Still in the same area, smash all the shipping crates behind and to the left of Unkar Plutt’s stand, where the awning meets the sand. From these bricks you can build one of the machines that puts a hat on your character. Select the stormtrooper helmet, then find the ID scanner on the side of Unkar’s stand. It’ll accept the trooper helmet and release a carbonite brick.

Carbonite brick 4. From this stand go out of the back of the outpost, i.e. not under the gate, and up towards the north east corner of the map. There’s a large shell off wreckage on the left side (you’ll probably want to use a vehicle to haul ass out there). The brick is inside the wreckage, it’s a really easy one to pick up.

Carbonite brick 5. Go out through the main gate of the outpost and swing around to the wreckage immediately on the right. You’ll see a walkway that lets you get up into it, and you can see it’s been made into a makeshift house or something, but in any case it’s now inhabited by a bunch of stormtroopers. Once you’ve taken them all out go to the back of the room and you should see a wheel you can turn, which will raise the wall next to it and in turn let you at that sweet carbonite brick.

Carbonite brick 6. Keep hugging the right side and you’ll hook around into a little Tusken Raider settlement. On the back wall there are some handholds you can use to jump up to the outer walkway, but they’re camouflaged into the wall a bit, so keep an eye out (they’re to the left of the little bridge). Go up, then up the climbing wall on the left, and keep going left along the walkway. You’ll run into a door with a circular lightsaber cut around it, and a bunch of toxic green gas in a room behind it, so you can use Darth Vader to bypass both and get the brick. No fuss, no muss.

Carbonite brick 7. Keep on the walkway, go back down the climbing wall and then right across said bridge. Use a couple of characters with ropes to pull down the wall on the other side. This will reveal a gold brick wall, so use a character who can to destroy that as well, like Phasma or the heavy stormtrooper, and you can collect the brick. Apparently the Tusken Raiders really didn’t want anyone getting it.

Carbonite brick 8. Head over the sand dunes to the middle section of the desert. At the bottom of this is another half-habitable bit of wreckage. You can’t get into it without a character with a rope – the grapple point is in the right corner. Once you get up there use a character with force powers to shake open what looks like a fridge to release the carbonite brick. We like to imagine this is a subtle dig at Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but then we like to imagine that about most things.

Carbonite brick 9. Go down into the bottom left corner of the map. You’ll eventually run into the wreckage that has quicksand in the bottom of it, which Rey and BB-8 crossed to get to Niima Outpost in the story mode, remember? Inside this wreckage is small a stack of unassuming gold brick crates. Destroy them with a character that has that ability, and you’ll then be able to reach some handholds to climb up the inside wall of the wreck and get to the carbonite brick at the top.

Carbonite brick 10. Go around to the bottom most point of the map, from the middle of the desert, and you’ll find the smoking ruins of the village that Poe first lands at and is subsequently razed to the ground by the First Order. At the bottom of the village you can find a pond, which Admiral Ackbar can rescue the carbonite brick from (we have imagined a painful backstory involving it being the only valuable belonging to a little old lady and she hid it in there when the village was attacked, that kind of thing).

Every carbonite brick on the Millennium Falcon in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Carbonite brick 1. To be honest there’s only one, but finding it still counts as every carbonite brick on the Falcon so we’re sticking with that heading. Go into the all purpose engine/driver room. You might have noticed the big screen on the wall in there, which didn’t appear to do anything. Welp, if you smash the crate nearby you can build a control spot for BB-8. This will wake up a side scrolling game (where you play as the Millennium Falcon and have to get away from the giant worm that lived in an asteroid and nearly ate the ship in the original trilogy). Once you complete the game you get the carbonite brick.

Every carbonite brick on D’Qar in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Carbonite brick 1. In the main hangar that you first spawn into (the one containing General Leia) go to the big circular map projector in the floor on the right hand side. Smash all the crates next to it and build a power conduit for a droid, and use it to power up the projector. It’ll now be projecting the outline of the carbonite brick. Use a character with force powers to make it reality, and you can collect it!

Carbonite brick 2. Go to the hangar opposite this one, the top right on the map, which should look kind of like a mess hall. On the left side is a room with the carbonite brick locked in it. You’ll need a character with a lightsaber to open the door (any one of the characters with force powers) and a character that can resist cold (a droid, for example) to collect it.

Carbonite brick 3. Go into the middle hangar on the top row of hangars, and there’s a cupboard on the left wall which needs two characters with a rope hook (Han and Finn, for example) to pull open. The carbonite brick is inside it.

Carbonite brick 4. Go to the top, leftmost, hangar, which has a shooting range at the back. Completing the shooting range has a gold brick reward in and of itself, but behind the stormtrooper targets is a carbonite brick going back and forth on rails on the ceiling. Hit the target on it three times and the brick will drop. It’s easiest to hit in the middle of the track, where it stops moving for a couple of seconds.

Carbonite brick 5. In the same room as the shooting range you’ll see a stack of silver brick crates against the wall on the left. Use a character with thermal detonators like Chewie to explode them, and collect the carbonite brick from the wreckage.

Carbonite brick 6. Out on the main strip, find the blue and white ship on a landing pad at the top side of the map. Next to it is a small water tower, and on top of it is a pool that a swimming character can dive into. Use a character with high agility, like Rey, to jump from the landing pad onto the water tower, and then a swimming character to dig out the carbonite brick.

Every carbonite brick on Takodana in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Carbonite brick 1. From where you spawn into the area go forwards, up the stairs, and under the still-standing doorway. Hook right and you’ll run into a door you can open using a character with a lightsaber. Behind this is the brick.

Carbonite brick 2. Just up from this is a lift that can be manually operated by a character with a stick (Rey, for example). Once you’ve cranked the lift up to the top you’ll be within reach of a climbing wall, which will take you to the top of the ruins. The carbonite brick is just to the side.

Carbonite brick 3. Cross over to the other side of the area; roughly opposite where you collected the first brick is a short staircase leading to a door. The door opens with a pressure pad switch, so coordinate your two characters and open it to find the carbonite brick chilling out on the other side.

Carbonite brick 4. From the staircase above keep heading straight, past the optional mission on the right, and you’ll find a crashed troopship (also on the right). Use two characters with ropes to pull it open and the brick is inside.

Carbonite brick 5. Outside the ruins you can find the Millenium Falcon, and next to it is a shallow pool of water, which has a pond in it. Use Admiral Ackbar to swim into it and flip out the carbonite. Why do so many people hide carbonite bricks in ponds of some description? We’ll probably never know.

Carbonite brick 6. From the falcon head up the steep hill in front of you and through the gate at the top. Drop down the ledge on the other side and turn around; there’s a big cracked brick that you can use a large character to smash through.The brick is in the little alcove on the the other side.

Carbonite brick 7. Starting back at the ruins head out into the jungle (you can only get out one way, don’t worry), and follow the path around to the left – you’ll find a packing crate with a stormtrooper ID lock on it. Use a First Order character to open it and the carbonite brick will pop out.

Carbonite brick 8. Next to the crate are some gold brick boulders blocking the path. Destroy them with a heavy gunner character (e.g. Phasma or the heavy stormtrooper) and head through. It’ll take you into a wide open area, and along the opposite side you’ll find a big dude having a nap. Use a rope character to pull down the branch above him and wake him up (he’ll be in a really bad mood when you do). Once he’s been dealt with you can use a character with force abilities to shake out the cushions on his bed and get the carbonite brick.

Every carbonite brick on Starkiller Base in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Carbonite brick 1. Starting at the area where you first spawn in, look around and you’ll see two red forcefield doors on either side of the top exit of that area. Go to the one on the left hand side (you should see K-3PO, a silver protocol droid next to it) and use a character with dark force powers on the bricks above the forcefield. This reveals a power socket for BB-8. Use him to drop the forcefield and get the carbonite brick behind it.

Carbonite brick 2. Go to the other forcefield, which has an ID scanner. To open it you need to use Kylo Ren (you can find his and buy his minifigure in the Takodana open area), but once you have him the brick is just the other side of the forcefield.

Carbonite brick 3. Find the building with the giant black gun turret on the top. At the corner of it there’s a grapple point, so use a character with a rope to get up there. At the top smash everything, and then build a control point for BB-8. Use it to rotate the gun around and it’ll fire at the mountain wall on the opposite side, which frees a carbonite brick.

Carbonite brick 4. Still in the same bit of the map, look for the large wall jutting out into the middle of the area (you can see it on the map). Head around to the right side of it and you’ll find a bunch of handholds. Use Rey to climb up and use the long jump pad at the top to get to the carbonite brick.

Carbonite brick 5. Exit the area and head towards the bottom left corner of the map. Follow wall on the left hand side until you come to a cracked block. Use a large, strong character to break it open and collect the carbonite brick.

Carbonite brick 6. Towards the top of the map you can find General Hux hanging out around a bunch of umbrellas and possibly playground equipment. Smash literally everything there, and you can build a TIE Fighter and an X-Wing, which will then have an aerial battle and drop the carbonite brick.

Carbonite brick 7. Before the entrance to the fight deck area is a narrow passage with a cliff on either side. Climb up the handholds on the right and use the Flametrooper to melt the ice block at the top. Voila, carbonite brick.

Carbonite brick 8. From the top of that cliff you can fly over to the top of the opposite one (the route is marked out with lego studs, helpfully), but you’ll need a character with a jet-pack, like, say, Boba Fett, to get over there. Once you’re on the other side you’ll see the gold brick boulders you need to destroy (with a character like Phasma, the Flametrooper, or the heavy stormtrooper) and the carbonite brick will fly out of the crack in the ground underneath them.

Carbonite brick 9. Go into the flight deark and hug the right hand side of the wall. You’ll eventually come to a crashed ship; use a character with force powers to move it and it’ll reveal a pond. Send in Admiral Ackbar to fish out the carbonite brick.

Carbonite brick 10. Still sticking to the right hand side of the flight deck, keep going until you find a cracked ice wall a bit further up. Smash through it with a large character and you’ll find yourself in a wampa cave. The carbonite brick is in here but, sadly, so is the wampa.


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