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How to transfer your PS4 data to PS4 Pro


PS4 Pro users wishing to transfer existing PS4 data to their new system can do so by following the straightforward process built into the PS4 operating system.

The process below gives existing PlayStation 4 owners the ability to pick and choose exactly what data is transferred, including games/applications, save data, videos, screens, themes and settings.

The one thing you’re going to need which you may not normally have plugged in is a LAN cable – you can’t transfer your data via WiFi.

  1. On your current PS4 sign into PSN and update to the latest system software.
  2. On your new PS4 or PS4 Pro sign into PSN and update to the latest system software. The system should detect this is a new console and ask if you want to transfer data. If it doesn’t, on your new PS4 go to Settings, System and then Transfer Data from Another PS4.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions until you are asked to connect the PS4 systems. Ensure your new PS4/PS4 Pro is connected to your TV and connect it to your old PS4 using the LAN cable. Alternatively connect both PS4 consoles to the same home network using two LAN cables.
  4. Choose which data you wish to transfer. Choose everything or only data which you require, including game/application data, game saves, screenshots, videos, themes and settings.
  5. When the transfer process is complete you will be asked if you wish to make the new PS4 the Primary console, which you most likely will.

What won’t be transferred

  • Passwords for PSN and other applications such as Netflix.
  • Profile data not attached to a PSN ID
  • Unsynced trophy data.

If you plan on selling your existing PS4 before getting the PS4 Pro you can back-up game saves to the cloud using PlayStation Plus, or move them to a USB stick.


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