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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens PS4 Xbox One Minikit Locations for Prologue on Endor

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens PS4 Xbox One Minikit Locations for Prologue on Endor

As per usual with a Lego game there’s a vehicle minikit to find scattered across every level, in the form of ten white canisters with a red and green lights. Some stick out in the open, others will require a little more exploration and cunning. Some of them need you to have played through the story and unlocked characters with certain abilities before you can collect them; we let you know what abilities you’ll need for each one. Here’s how to get all ten canisters in the first level of Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

All Minikits at the Endor Shield Generator in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Minikit 1. You should be able to see the canister floating on the ledge in front of you, on the right. Once you’ve taken out enough Stormtroopers to trigger the level progression use the building bricks that drop to build a trampoline on the right, and bounce up to get the canister.

Minikit 2. After getting past the first AT-ST with the log swing, progress through to the cover shooting area. Once you’ve taken out the second AT-ST by shooting the explosive at its feet, look up to the tree on the left hand side. You should see a kind of wall sconce thing that can be interacted with if you have a character that can use force powers (e.g. Luke). Using the force powers on it will pull out the canister.

Minikit 3. Once you’ve used the group of ewoks to destroy the third AT-ST with logs, use the debris from it to build the gun and destroy the log blocking the rest of your party. You can then smash the gun and rebuild the bricks into a lift on the far left, under a tree with the canister on a walkway. The lift has a pressure plate, so you’ll need one character on it, and one character operating it. Go on up and grab the canister.

Minikit 4. After doing the above, smash the bricks again and build a lift on the right hand side for BB-8 to power up. Once you’re up to this next level, don’t swing into the AT-ST, but use a character who can swim – the first you get will probably be Admiral Ackbar, who you unlock by playing the Poe to the Rescue mission (you can find this by talking to C3PO at the rebel base on J’Qar, but you need a certain number of gold bricks before it’ll unlock. Akbar says “It’s a trap!” and humorous variants thereof). Use your swimmer with the pool on the left to dig out some dynamite, and build a bomb on the tree to your left. Once this is opened up you can enter the tree, and come out in an Ewok village in the tree. Smash everything in sight and you’ll be able to build three instruments for the three Ewoks up there, and when they start playing it spits out the canister. It’s very convoluted.

Minikit 5. Once you’ve raised hell in the AT-ST you’ll reach the actual entrance building leading to the death star shield controls. Before you get out of the AT-ST look for three heaps of gold brick boulders and use the AT-ST to blow them up. There’s one on top of the entrance, one on the ground to the right, and one at the very back of the arena on the left – don’t miss the last one. Destroying all three gets you a canister.

Minikit 6. When you’ve jumped out of the AT-ST, look on the ground on the right side of the area. There’s another AT-ST that’s collapsed. Nearby are a group of rebel soldiers; use a command character like Leia or, incredibly, J. J. Abrams, who is a playable minifigure in this, to get them to help you pull the lid off the downed AT-ST. The canister is hiding inside it.

All Minikits at the Death Star Throne Room in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Minikit 7. In the boss fight with the Emperor use a character with thermal detonators to destroy the silver bricks on the right. You can then build a command console for BB-8 to use, and with him you can play a side scrolling mini-game on the screen nearby where you guide the Millennium Falcon through a trench to destroy the death star (you just move it up and down out of the way of obstacles). Get through this and you get a canister.

Minikit 8. After the Emperor chucks your two characters down to the second level in the boss fight, go to the left hand back corner and use dark force powers to pull a panel off the wall. Behind it is one of those grills for a tiny character, so use one (BB-8, an ewok, that kind of thing) to go through onto a walkway. On the right hand end of said walkway is the cannister.

All Minikits at the Death Star Attack in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Minikit 9. During the trench run of the Death Star there are large black turrets firing at you from both sides; shoot five of these out to get a canister (it’s really easy, there are loads of them).

Minikit 10. When you’re inside the core of the Death Star fly to the top of the core pillar. Around the top are what look like three blue and white fuses which you can blow up. Getting 3/3 of them nets you the final minikit canister.


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