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The ultimate Mass Effect: Andromeda romance guide: how to romance Jaal, PeeBee, Vetra, Cora and more

The ultimate Mass Effect: Andromeda romance guide: how to romance Jaal, PeeBee, Vetra, Cora and more

A not insignificant number of people who play BioWare games are invested in the romances. This guide will not only tell you how to find all the possible romances, but how to seal the deal with them all, as well as a flavour of what they’re actually like. There are no major spoilers apart from who the romances are; this guide does not contain specific spoilers for dialogue or romance scenes.

General Romance Tips

Despite the assertion that romances are a little different this time around, the actual functionality is the same i.e. if you, as captain of the ship, want to severely breach workplace legislation with members of your crew, pick the romance dialogue options. They’re marked by a big heart and are usually on the left side of the dialogue tree. Not to be confused with the small heart, which is top left and just means ’emotional response’, not ‘get in my pants this instant’. 

Many of the romances are progressed via emails, so keep checking your inbox regularly. Generally speaking you’re going to get new emails and new dialogue options after story missions, so run around talking to everyone after you have one of these. If a character has a significant conversation to have, they’ll be in their home room on the Tempest, usually with the door closed. You can, broadly, flirt with any amount of people you want, but when you choose to enter a committed relationship all your other involvements end.

Sara Ryder romances

Jaal Ama Darav

mass effect andromeda jaal

Who is Jaal Ama Darav in Mass Effect: Andromeda? 

The boyfriend you needed when you were a teenager. Jaal is an angara, the new and wondrously exotic* alien race in Andromeda. He’s a squad member, but won’t end up on your team until you’ve run through a few of the story missions. Specifically, you need to land on Aya and formally meet the angara. He’s leant out to you as a resistance fighter, and is basically a melancholy purple frog.

Jaal is very considered and has reserved body language, at odds with what he actually says. He’s very respectful, but the angara as a race wear their hearts on their sleeve. They share their emotions extremely freely, and Jaal is no exception. Jaal, therefore, has some of the most traditionally romantic lines to you; he’s very heartfelt and will make your Ryder feel special. He also seems to appreciate emotional responses from Ryder in return. He makes presents for the rest of the crew to show his feelings for them, but they consist of things like poetry and handmade knives, so this could be an indication that he’s also the boyfriend you swiftly grew out of when you reached your 20s.

*Disclaimer: please remember that in all Mass Effect games ‘wondrous exotic alien race’ can be read as ‘has backwards goat-knee legs’.

Where to find Jaal Ama Darav in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal is the final member of your squad, but he doesn’t join until you land in the angara city Aya. This happens as part of the main story. Once he’s on board Jaal makes his home in the tech lab.

How to romance Jaal Ama Darav in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Make sure you help the angara resistance, and don’t be an aggressive conquering dickweed about it. Sometimes you get dialogue options that look like two little people standing next to one another. Choose those — they apparently mean ‘friendship’ but almost immediately lead to all out flirting. When you visit Aya find him looking at the view for extra flirting, and don’t save him from being shot in his loyalty mission. This sounds counterintuitive, but it’s the best outcome. His loyalty mission depends on progressing the main story, so keep an eye on it as you go.

Additional notes

Would be described as a ‘nice young man’ by your grandparents; sends you the cutest emails; will take you to meet his mum.

Liam Kosta

Mass Effect Andromeda screenshots 2

Who is Liam Kosta in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Liam is the dude you’d probably end up with in your mid twenties. Romantically speaking he’s a safe pair of hands. You can express interest to Liam early on, when he invites you to have a chat and a beer after setting up in the Tempest. Initiating a romance scene on his (grubby) couch pops up similarly quickly. As long as you’ve been flirting enough, you should get the option after freeing the angara Moshae in the main story.

Liam is fairly uncomplicated: he’s honest, misses his family, and was sold on the Initiative with the dream of finding new worlds. Building a new home with the outposts is very important to him. He’s also very strongly tied to what he left behind in the Milky Way. There’s a whole thing about his family, and a classic car (a really classic one, ran on petrol and everything). His romance is thus also uncomplicated: Liam is, as he says, a big boy, so you can leave it at a one night stand if you want to, but he’s also willing to explore the possibility of more; he’s just kind of a sweetheart and always has your back. Liam’s extra curricular activities include organising football kick arounds and movie nights.

Where to find Liam Kosta in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Liam is with you from the get go. His home base on the Tempest is a storage room in the hangar, on the right.

How to romance Liam Kosta in Mass Effect: Andromeda

As soon as you’ve moved in on the Tempest you can start visiting Liam to show interest. Once Jaal has joined your squad Liam will request you research a special set of armour. You’ll need to do this to move the romance along a bit. After completing Liam’s loyalty mission you can have a conversation with him about making your relationship a long term thing (whilst watching a football match on Eos), but if you’ve been flirting too much with other people it might not trigger.

Additional notes

Netflix and chill; there’s a dialogue option that results in him walking around the Tempest topless for a while; he sends you emails with huge lists of films attached; would be well into rock ‘n’ roll if he knew what it was.

Suvi Anwar

Who is Suvi Anwar in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Suvi is the science office and/or navigator. Ryder seems unaccountably impressed by Suvi’s Scottish accent, which may be confusing to people from the UK because we have encountered Scottish people before. Also at one point Suvi says ‘Shite!’ and the subs read ‘Shit!’, 0/10. Suvi is very spiritual and has found that, through her love of and expertise in science, she has a greater appreciation for the higher power she believes in. Her conversations with Ryder will often involve discussions of her religious beliefs, but also advanced astrophysics and biology.

As a scientist Suvi is very much in the ‘Seek out new life and new civilisations’ camp when it comes to reasons for joining the Initiative. She’s very earnest and will happily have debates with Ryder on the issues she finds important. She also has one of the possible female Ryder haircuts, which was exactly the same as the one I’d chosen, so it was pretty awks. Suvi probably drinks rosé wine after a hard day at work and almost definitely reads those kinds of chick lit books that are absolute filth.

Where to find Suvi Anwar in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Suvi sits on the bridge of the Tempest, directly to your left.

How to romance Suvi Anwar in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Flirting with Suvi is incredibly easy because, like, she’s right there. You can flirt with her in your very first dialogue with her, and continue to do so as you progress the story. Eventually Suvi will email you, the traditional way to signal interest to someone, to meet at the lab on the Nexus.

Additional notes

Puts things she doesn’t understand in her mouth; Kallo, the pilot, has to sit and listen to you and Suvi talking and he hates it, his cringing at the pair of you is some of the most believable dialogue in the game because we’ve all been there Kallo.

Scott Ryder romances

Cora Harper

Mass effect andromeda cora

Who is Cora Harper in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Cora’s one of the more seriously behaved members of your squad (possibly the only one). She always follows protocol and leaves messages for the staff berating them about their performance in fire drills. Cora will initially give you a frosty reception because she had expected to take on the Pathfinder role in the event of any… incidents. She’s a bit put out that you, Johnny-come-nepotistically, are the one who got it. By talking to Cora you learn that role models letting her down has become a bit of a theme.

Cora trained with an asari commando squad, so she’s very poised and controlled, and thinks of things in very long-term ways. She can respond well to a logical and professional Ryder as long as he’s not being a total dick to her. Cora is heavily invested in finding and rescuing the asari ark for the Initiative, and the mission is a big deal for her, so handle the outcome sensitively — though if you’re B enough FFs then you can follow either choice for the asari Pathfinder and keep Cora on board with you.

Where to find Cora Harper in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Cora is with you from the very start. She hangs around the bio lab on the Tempest.

How to romance Cora Harper in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Again, you can express interest in Cora early on, and continue to pick romance dialogue options as you go. Cora’s loyalty mission is also tied to the main story, so watch out for the asari ark. Because it’s the asari ark. The asari ark is Cora’s loyalty mission. After Cora invites you to see something cool on Eos, you’ll get the chance to initiate a, uh, steamier scene on the Tempest.

Additional notes

Plants seeds for trees whose shade she knows she shall never sit in; surprisingly sassy dialogue in combat; work that undercut, girl.

Gil Brodie

Who is Gil Brodie in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Gil is the engineer on The Tempest and he loves overclocking various bits of her in order to maker her go faster. This leads to an ongoing argument with your pilot Kallo (you can hear them bitching each other out basically every time you go to the bridge). Gil deflects all known human emotions with sarcasm and jokes, so he has some good back and forth with a casual Ryder. He also really likes poker, and will eventually invite you for a game back on the Nexus. Gil is best friends with a woman who is in charge of repopulation efforts in Andromeda. She is constantly pestering him about having a baby and it’s kind of weird.

Gil is, in many ways, a sweetheart, and you’ll get fun interactions with him whether you’re romancing him or becoming a poker bestie. You do need to be able to roll with his whole ‘asshole with a heart of gold’ thing though. Gil is essentially a perambulating one-liner dispensary until you start to break down his walls.

Where to find Gil Brodie in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Gil spends almost all his time in the engine bay on The Tempest. He’ll invite you to play poker on the Nexus, and later to meet him on Eos.

How to romance Gil Brodie in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Gil is pretty up front and practical. You can start flirting with him immediately as you board the Tempest and this can quickly develop into a casual relationship. When Gil asks you to meet him at the Podromos outpost you can go for the option for more.

Additional notes

Excellent game face; joyful improvisor; needs hugs but would pretend he doesn’t; presumably unrelated to any Scottish schoolteachers played by Maggie Smith.

Avela Kjar

Who is Avela Kjar in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Avela is an angaran historian and is in charge of the angaran museum on Aya. She seems pretty demure to start with, but she’s well into angaran history and culture, and will do anything to get more of it. Even if that means asking an alien Pathfinder she just met to break the rules for her.

Avela’s romance really is a fling. If you were hoping for partial nudity you aren’t really going to get it, but if you’re happy with snogging then Avela’s your girl. Something something first contact, am I right? Yeah I’m right.

Where to find Avela Kjar in Mass Effect: Andromeda

After you’ve been hauled in by the angaran leaders, having visited Aya for the first time, you can find Avela in the docking area. She wants you to (shadily) collect some old angaran artefacts from different planets. Once you leave Aya she will relocate to the museum there.

How to romance Avela Kjar in Mass Effect: Andromeda

You have to do all the errands she asks you to. Each time you bring her back a priceless, and presumably illegally smuggled through customs, artefact, you’ll get the chance to intimate you wanna piece of that purple action. So Avela’s romance is even more obviously transactional than video game romances usually are. At any rate, Avela will eventually email you and get you to come back to Aya for some serious necking.

Additonal notes

Why Avela, what big eyes you have; Indiana Jones if he’d outsourced all his actual archeology; seriously, she’s well into museums.

Romances for Scott or Sara Ryder

Vetra Nyx

Mass effect andromeda vetra

Who is Vetra Nyx in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Everything. Vetra is the female turian squadmate on the Tempest, and you meet her immediately upon boarding it for the first time. Vetra is a smooth talker with legs all the way up to her thighs, and you can start flirting with her almost immediately. She gives as good as she gets, and her kind of dry playfulness meshes well with the ‘Unprofessional’ Ryder dialogue options.

Vetra, unlike other members of your crew, never had a proper family unit, just her younger sister, who is still obviously very important to her. Growing up Vetra was the provider for the two of them, and consequently is now a Get Shit Done sort of a woman, with both reach and flexibility about how said shit is achieved. Vetra’s one of the only squadmates comfortable slumming around Kadara with the other thieves and mercs, along with murderous Good Boy Drack the krogan. She has some shady connections and leverages them in different ways, which results in conflict with her sister, who wants to be a cool badass just like Vetra. 

Overall Vetra is affable and engages in banter, but a little defensive about real feelings. She does, however, have a deep capacity for loyalty and caring, so is great as a Space Wife or a Space Bestie.

Where to find Vetra Nyx in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Vetra is a squadmate, she’ll come to you. Her area of the Tempest is a storage room in the hangar, on the left side.

How to romance Vetra Nyx in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Keep choosing the romance dialogue options. Vetra is a bit more of a slow burn, so it may take a little while to get you the full hookup. After completing her loyalty mission, she’ll eventually invite you to see something cool on Kadara. You’ll get the chance to confirm you’re into Vetra, and later on she’ll surprise Ryder with an intimate dinner.

Additional notes

She’s got legs, she knows how to use them; hates Liam, seriously, when they’re in the squad together she just shuts him down whenever he tries to speak, it’s hilarious.


Mass Effect Andromeda PeeBee

Who is PeeBee in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Her full name is Pelessaria B’Sayle but that’s way too many syllables to shout out during the deed, am I right? So PeeBee it is. PeeBee is an archaeologist/researcher in the same messy vein as Indiana Jones: touch delicate things first, ask questions later; some destruction to be expected. PeeBee joins your squad, but only after you’ve landed on Eos and restarted the vault there (this all makes sense in context).

If you played Dragon Age: Inquisition then think of PeeBee as being the Sera of your group. She can be intentionally vague, will annoy 50% of the people she meets, and has a bag completely empty of fucks about the asari as a whole. PeeBee’s approach to relationships is bright and breezy. She often talks about never staying in one place at a time, or getting too pinned down by anything. From this you can probably imagine the kind of issues that come up as you progress a romance with PeeBee to make it more serious. She will, however, be fine with keeping a FWB deal. Choosing either of these options will lock you out of the other.

Where to find PeeBee in Mass Effect: Andromeda

You first run into PeeBee on Eos, when you’re rebooting the Remnant towers. After you’ve restarted the Remnant vault PeeBee sets up shop in the escape pod just off the helm of the Tempest.

How to romance PeeBee in Mass Effect: Andromeda

PeeBee is open to being flirted with a lot of the time but, despite this, it took a while to get anywhere with her. PeeBee’s loyalty mission also takes a while to shake out, so remember to keep checking back in with her after big story points. If you choose a ‘strings attached’ relationship, know that PeeBee’s romance scene is one of the most explicit. Also quite possibly the cheesiest.

Additional notes

Commitment issues; irrepressibly perky; will try to out-casual casual Ryder; midriffs are back in this season; pop-up Karma Sutra: zero gravity edition.

Keri T’Vessa

Who is Keri T’Vessa in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Keri is this season’s Jessica Chobot i.e. a journalist who asks you for quotes about significant events. She’ll try to get your attention on the Nexus, and every so often will send you emails asking for another interview. Talking to Keri is usually flagged up as a side mission so it’s pretty easy to track her down.

Keri keeps things light and breezy, and you can keep flirting with her even if you’re entangled with someone else (she will actually make reference to you having someone else at one point, the cheeky minx). She was initially contracted to make the documentary as, essentially, a bit of propaganda to keep everyone’s spirits up, but Keri is an idealist and is going to tell the truth. She takes her job very seriously, so compartmentalises it away from having the hots for Ryder.

Where to find Keri T’Vessa in Mass Effect Andromeda

After you reach the Nexus for the first time, have had your initial conversation with Tann and the rest of the Initiative team about how the whole thing has become a colossal cock up. Keri should be nearby when you leave Tann’s office. You can hear her asking to have a word with you. After that she’ll email you on the regular. 

How to romance Keri T’Vessa in Mass Effect Andromeda

Every time you speak to her you can flirt before the interview, and it’ll eventually progress to her asking if you are actually interested. The problem is that Keri’s romance is gated by your progress in the story, so your opportunities for meeting her and pulling out your best lines are limited. Remember to keep checking your email after big story missions to see if she’s dropped you a line. Depending on the interviews you give, Keri will end up in prison, so make sure you go to visit her to get her out, or the romance won’t progress. After that she’ll ask you on an actual date.

Additional notes

Maintains professionalism by not hooking up until she’s finished all her interviews with you; outrageous flirting is apparently fine though.

Reyes Vidal

Who is Reyes Vidal in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

The boyfriend you wanted when you were a teenager: he would have been the 18 year old who hung around the high street and bought fags and booze for the underage kids if they gave him money. Or whatever the space equivalent of that is.

Now Reyes Vidal has grown up and is proudly a liar, a thief, and an occasional murderer running around Kadara port — but he says it with a smile, so he must be charming, right? Like, if we cut to the chase Reyes is basically a Han Solo you can use for your wish fulfilment. Reyes is incredibly flirty and will occasionally surprise you with romantic gestures (slow dancing; expensive booze rooftop date), and, as a killer move, reveals his soft, emotional underbelly. You can keep Reyes as a one-rooftop stand, or commit to a full romance with him.

Romancing Reyes is quick and dirty, but committing to him locks you out of progressing other dalliances. It’s a cheap thrill that the rest of the crew definitely talk about behind your back, and they all warn you that it’s probably a bad decision. Definitely worth riding the Vidal Express once, though, because he does the roguish charm thing extremely well.

Where to find Reyes Vidal in Mass Effect: Andromeda

On Kadara Port. Reyes is part of the main storyline there so you’ll meet him automatically. Outside of scripted events he can be found in the bars in Kadara.

How to romance Reyes Vidal in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Flirt outrageously with him at every opportunity. Watch for the ‘neck this man’ QTE whilst you’re stealing booze from the storeroom. Must not save Sloane in the duel on Kadara if you want a long term relationship.

Additional Notes

You will run into his exes a lot; has some kind of fetish about storage rooms; Sinnamon bun but without the bun bit, just all sin; leave it, leave it Sara it’s not worth it, I know he’s all sexy but Liam has never lied to you like Reyes has.


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