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Sea of Thieves' December update brings with it the Festival of Giving


Rare has detailed the contents of the December update for nautical multiplayer adventure Sea of Thieves, marking the return of the game's annual Festival of Giving event.

The update sees two returning Voyage options, including Guilded Voyages with increased treasure rewards and the explosive Black Powder Stashes also make their comeback, with the added inclusion of more recent additions such as Chests of Rage and the Ashen Winds skull up for grabs. There's also a new cosmetic option for ships called the Cannon Flare that allows you to customise the explosion effect when shooting a cannonball.

There'll be a few time limited events over the next month, including the 12 Deeds of Giving event that offers pirates new cosmetics for completing set challenges, Plundered Presents offering bonus rewards for gifting your treasure to other crews and finally the Grogmanay celebration on December 30 to ring in the New Year.

Naturally, the Pirate Emporium also has a bunch of new seasonally-themed cosmetics to buy, including the wintery-themed Frozen Horizon Ship Collection livery, and icy Glacial Cursed skins for your pets. And for those really wanting to get into the Holiday mood, there's also a skeletal Santa outfit known as the Bonechiller. 

The Festival of Giving will be the final update of the current format before the game moves to a Seasonal update structure early next year. The update is available now in Sea of Thieves on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.



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